6 month itch

There’s a phenomenon people talk about in relationships called the 6 month or 7 year itch. I’m single so for me it’s the 6 month job, place and lifestyle itch. It’s something a friend of mine appropriately labelled “Lifestyle ADD”. Just like that 10 year old child who can’t concentrate on one task for longer than 2 minutes, at the 6 month mark I lose interest in whatever I’m doing and feel the need to pick up my toys, throw them in a suitcase and head to another town or city which is generally a ski resort. After living the nomadic lifestyle for 12 years chasing winters and doing the seasonal work thing it seems natural to move, to always be on the go and to forever be packing, unpacking, repacking and stuffing as much as I can into a suitcase and a snowboard bag. Home is a constantly moving target.

Of course, home always was and always will be Australia but truth be told it’s been a long time since I actually spent consecutive weeks there. In fact the thought of moving back to OZ almost seems like admitting defeat. Admitting that the travel bug finally got squished under the sole of a dirty, stinky sneaker. Admitting that it’s time to get a real job, that it’s time to grow up and time to give up the fantasy that we can do whatever we want, wherever we want.

Now, after more than a year in one place the underlying urge to move on has started to stir. It’s not that I’m unhappy, it’s not that I don’t like my job and it’s certainly not that I’m friendless and lonely. The simple fact is I don’t like feeling comfortable. It lulls you into a false sense of security, it stops you from challenging yourself and habitual ways of life become the norm.

Some may say it’s a commitment issue and I would be inclined to agree to a certain extent. However, I am committed… committed to a life of following the path that is laid before me. Committed to taking every opportunity that presents itself and if that means a nomadic life then I’m all for it. Home is where you choose to be, where you find happiness and even if it’s only for a brief time, home is where you feel like you belong.

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