Espresso in the morning, Affogato in the evening

The definition provided by Wikipedia (a most trustworthy source) of espresso is “a concentrated beverage brewed by forcing a small amount of nearly boiling water under pressure through finely ground coffee beans.” Not only do I need one of these in the morning to wake me up, it also describes my morning personality. Despite a night of sleep, although it’s rarely a decent sleep, I am tightly wound (concentrated). Upon waking my head is filled with everything I need to get done that day: work deadlines, personal tasks, going to the gym, study, catch up with friends, community activities and whatever else is happening at that point in the week. This morning espresso is also representative of my musical choices in the morning of one full playlist of gangsta rap. 

By mid morning, I have slightly chilled. This is the soy latte hip hop part of my day. 1/4 espresso so still a little dark, gloomy and under pressure but the rest is soy goodness and a little Hip Hop Hooray. Sometimes I am the love heart formed in the foam, ready to take on the world with a smile and looking through rose coloured glasses, sometimes I am the leaf, floating through my morning and other times I am the tree that the leaf comes from: stubborn, uncompromising, and unwilling to budge.

Mid afternoon I am looking for a pick me up which usually requires a sugar hit and this is where my day turns to Mocha (I will probably use this phrase in everyday life when I’m having a bad afternoon from now on). Chocolate is one of the 3 staples of my day, along with coffee and red wine. Right now you’re probably picturing an overweight, grumpy person glaring at you as I walk down the street but not true! In the afternoon I am more relaxed, I have achieved what I most urgently need to do and I now need to find the energy and enthusiasm to carry on instead of going home and crawling into bed. I am a part time gym enthusiast but still need convincing to go consistently. My rubber arm can be easily twisted to go the bar for an after work wine if the offer arises.

After an evening of whatever is taking priority whether it be a cup of study, 2 cups of chores and a cup of tea (real tea that wasn’t meant to imply anything), I am an Affogato. Soft and gooey plain old boring vanilla ice cream. Slightly melted but still holding its own and waiting for a final surge of energy. Then it comes in the deliciousness of espresso pouring gently over ice cream. The espresso revealing the sweet tenderness and creamy goodness of the ice cream as it drowns in the thick coffee. The day that was is put into the past, the concentrated pressure eased and I am 99% ready for tomorrow.

This blog is in no way an accurate representation of the amount of coffee I drink! 

Weekly Writing Challenge: A pinch of you

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