Latte Love

Living life from sun-up to sunset, from latte to pinot (noir that is) and enjoying everything that comes in between. My life is full of contradictions. I’m Australian but I hate summer, I work in adventure tourism but I’m not adventurous. I love gangsta rap but will sing along to the cheesiest pop songs on the radio.

My affair with coffee began when I moved to Canada for a year at the same time I turned 21. On exchange to the U of C to study a degree that I will eventually use for a total of 6 months in my work working career to date, I was employed at the local on campus coffee shop. Funny how a non-coffee drinker gets a job at a coffee shop! It was here that my education in coffee began and also where my life veered off the train tracks and found a new untravelled path (at least for me.) It wasn’t only a love of coffee that entrenched itself in my being, it was also a love of the mountains. I learned to ski and snowboard, I white water rafted, and did all the crazy things uni students on tour tend to do. It’s a rite of passage into adulthood really. And so it started…..

Since that year of study abroad I have not lived in the same city or town for longer than 6 months until this last year. I have worked in ski resorts in 4 different countries, lived in rural and not so rural cities in Australia, spent a summer in the UK (every Aussie has to), been home occasionally and have finally settled (for now at least) in New Zealand. I have spent the last 7 years trying to finish a second university degree which I will probably decide I don’t need 6 months after finishing but with only 3 subjects left it seems a waste to give up now.

I almost started this blog 6 months ago but for some reason inspiration vanished. Now it seems to be rejuvenated after friendly conversation at worked turned into a desire to put fingers to keyboard and explore the universe of online blogging. I have nothing to achieve here, no underlying message and no agenda. What you’ll find is the ramblings of someone still trying to find their passion but resigned to the fact that there’s no need to find your passion as long as you live passionately. At times this may be humourous, often sarcastic and occasionally insightful but who can really predict the future. I guess we’ll find out which path this blog will take as time goes by.

So pour yourself a coffee or glass of wine, sit back and hopefully you’ll enjoy these ramblings through the wonders of modern technology over the interweb on your laptop, tablet or other mobile device.

May your latte never go cold!


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